The Travizory Validator app: a seamless partner

t validator is the universal application for scanning travel documents such as travel authorizations or eVISAs. A useful tool to verify health certificates (EU COVID certificates from 100+ countries), its unique scanning capability offers many more possibilities for governments and partners looking to validate documents


TValidator should be downloaded by:

Here are a few example use cases but I am very versatile and my capabilities are growing fast

SIM Cards shops

  • Know in advance your customers.
  • The reservation and transmission process take less time

Currency exchange Bureaus

  • Provide details to the government of currency purchases by foreigners in order to comply with money laundering laws
  • Register currency exchange on an encounters platform without

Hotels & Accomodations

  • Facilitate the check-in/Check-out process with one scan
  • Benefit from centralized KYC- no need to repeat KYC process for the guests

Airport Agents

  • Determine the actions to take towards each arriving passengers
  • Control on the level of information display to agents according to their role & department

Airline Agents

  • Verify the validity of travel authorization or eVisa at check-in & Boarding
  • Expedite the boarding process

Laboratory Workforce

  • Link test samples to patients and later report results.